The work we do, covers diverse projects – both urban and rural – that range from designing the layout of parks, gardens and housing estates to city-centre design, sporting sites and improving land affected by mining or motorway construction.


Our company ethos is focused on quality, project delivery and commitment to our clients.  We are confident in offering solutions that are appropriate to the development intention, and innovative to ensure development optimization and the best possible project outcome.  Our clients have a vision, and our design team develop the best concept to bring this vision to life. 

Our design teams approach each commission with the emphasis on creating functional, relevant, environmentally sustainable and attractive solutions.  Our team provide a strong understanding of the client and end users requirements.  We draw upon influences that relate to the project’s context taking into account social, cultural and functional factors as well as site and environmental conditions.

H O U S E   B O Z W A N A

House Bozwana, Pretoria, South Africa  –  Residential

A 10000m2 stand with contemporary Architectural home. The landscape takes the architectural cues to form horizontal platforms and spaces. Storm water is collected in the retention pond for use as the primary irrigation supply. Raised mesh walkways allow for connectivity of the various landscape elements and spaces.

H O U S E   E R A S M U S

House Erasmus, Johannesburg, South Africa – Residential

This contemporary concrete home is set into the side of a rocky ridge. The lack of flat spaces created a challenge in making full use of a site with limited space. Steel catwalks allow for access to otherwise unreachable areas with a 18m rock climbing wall off a viewing deck adds value for the families children. Exposed concrete paving, steel, concrete panel feature wall, planting and lighting combine with the architecture to complete an acclaimed project

H O U S E   P A U L

House Paul, Johannesburg, South Africa – Residential

This residential home featured an historic element which involved the late President Nelson Mandela. The refurbished home required a classical approach with the use of natural materials. Rock, stone and timber feature as important materials which are brought together through loose formal planting.

H O U S E   H I D D E N

House Hidden, Kenton-on-sea, Eastern Cape, South Africa – Residential

An understated family holiday home which makes use of the 180 degree views over the Bushman’s river. The design uses private space to make places for all weather and occasion use. The use of mixed materials further emphasises sense of place.

H O U S E   M U T H O K A

House Muthoka, Kenya, – Residential

H O U S E   M A C O Z O M A

House Macozoma, Port Alfred, Eastern Cape, South Africa – Residential

A M A K H A L A   G A M E   R E S E R V E

Amakhala Game Reserve/ARCC Rhino Conservation Centre, Eastern Cape, South Africa  – Current Project -Conservation

A central conservation centre is needed in the fight against Rhino conservation and the plight of the species. The centre serves as a base for research, planning and awareness of this task. The landscape aims to take visitors on a tactile journey to evoke the emotional reality of rhino poaching, and end with a message of hope and success.

H O U S E   V A N  A S

House Van As, Johannesburg, South Africa – Residential

A minimalist approach for this townhouse garden.  The design includes functional seating in a boma styled fire pitt and steel and polycarbonate structures.


The Royal St Andrews Hotel, Conference Centre and Spa,  Port Alfred,  South Africa – Hospitality

A contemporary hotel that retains the historic façade and elemnetsof the original building. The surrounding landscape form both the public and intimate spaces required of such a project through the use of concrete, steel, timber and planting. Lighting further adds the element of night time functianlity as an important aspect of this project.

H O U S E   E B R A H I M

House Ebrahim, Johannesburg, South Africa – Residential

A roof top terrace adds additional usable space to this urban project. The use of lawn, water and planting form a contemporary setting with cantilevered timber seating and gas fire.

H O U S E   B R Y S O N

House Bryson, Johannesburg, South Africa – Residential

Set in an equestrian estate, the design focuses detail design around the house, with large open lawns as one moves further out. Planting retains a natural feel with meadow planting on the peripheries. Landscape detail features form focal points which accentuate vistas.

P R E S E N T A T I O N S   &  C O N C E P T U A L   P L A N S

Presentations and Conceptual plans – various projects

Hortcouture makes use of various platforms to enhance our design concepts and intentions to our various clients. Such platforms include hand sketches and a variety of architectural and visual software packages.

P A S T   P R O J E C T S

Some of our past projects

D E T A I L I N G   &   V A R I O U S   D E S I G N  E L E M E N T S

Detailing and Design Elements – Various Projects

Detailing is an important aspect of Hortcouture’s design approach. Detailing includes the use of mixed materials in order to enhance the visual, tactile and emotional effects of the place that we make.